Standards Development Oversight Team

Dr. Bronner's approached The Cannabis Conservancy and Certified Kind to develop regenerative cannabis standards. Their vision was a holistic, sun-grown, soil-based standards that included provisions for human empowerment and community engagement. Dr. Bronner's generously provided funding for the project.

Pilot Program

Flow Kana and some of their independent cultivators are participating in the Sun + Earth Certified pilot program.


Public Engagement

The International Cannabis Farmer's Association (ICFA) hosted several round table sessions during their Whistle Stop Tour which offered critical feedback and facilitated public awareness about the Standards development efforts.


Technical Advisory Committee

Comprised of visionaries, regenerative farmers, industry leaders and technical experts the TAC's goal is to ensure the certification is achievable and realistic for cultivators whose agricultural practices regenerate the earth and our communities.

TAC Participant Affiliation
Jessie Dodd Biovortex - CA
Mark Spear Burnstown Farms Cannabis Company - Ontario
John Garn CannaCraft - CA
Ned Fussell CannaCraft - CA
Nick Papadopoulos CannaCraft - CA
Andrew Black Certified Kind - OR
Hollie Hall Compliant Farms Certified, Hollie Hall & Associates - CA
David Bronner Dr. Bronner’s - CA
Les Szabo Dr. Bronner’s - CA
Mia Hardwick Dr. Bronner’s - CA
Ryan Zinn Dr. Bronner’s - CA
Micah Flause Flow Kana - CA
Johanna Mortz Flow Kana - CA
Nicholas Mahmood Greensource Gardens - OR
Amber Cline Happy Day Farm - CA
Casey O’Neil Happy Day Farm - CA
Chrystal Ortiz Highwater Farm - CA
Noah Beck Highwater Farm - CA
Kristin Nevedal ICFA -CA
Elizabeth Bennett Lewis & Clark
Josh Khankhanian Moon Gazer Farms - CA
Tina Gordon Moon Made Farms - CA
Ryan & Adam New Family / Family Florals Farm - CA
Kelly Coulter SLO Farm - British Columbia
Brittny Anderson The Cannabis Conservancy - British Columbia
Jacob Policzer The Cannabis Conservancy - CO
Kelsey Taylor Walden Cannabis - WA
Cyril Guthridge Waterdog Farm - CA

Next Steps...

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